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Cleaning / Filtering

Preparatory measures

Pollutants which cannot be naturally filtered out have to be treated by specific procedures. Especially the iron and heavy metal content in the water requires technical preparation in order to be eventually filtered out of the water. Our product supports this process optimal.

Activated carbon filters

The activated carbon filter removes unwanted smell and taste substances (e.g. humic acids), chlorinated hydrocarbons, persistent halogenated hydrocarbons, manganese compounds and suspended solids through addition. Because of their porous structure our special charcoal filters have a very large surface area, which is ideal for the addition of the various pollutants.
Furthermore, because of their large surface area they are capable of filtering a wide range of pollutants and unwanted substances from the water. 

Sand Filter

In order to filter particles from the water sand filters are used. The size depends on the amount of water to be purified and will be calculated by us specifically for your application. For a house plant, for the treatment of drinking water, or drinking water and industrial water we have the right products.
Also for the use in swimming pools we offer appropriate sand filter systems.


The filter system should circulate the pool water volume at least 2 times per day. Generally, we recommend a backwash at least once a week, in order to remove the accumulated dirt in the filter medium. Despite regular backwashing calcium deposits are formed in the sand filters with hard water, which in extreme cases almost closes the filter medium - the filtering effect decreases greatly. An effective disinfection and turbidity removal by flocculation requires that the sand filter system is working properly. In general: replace filter sand every 2-3 years!   



Micron Filtration

Especially in relation to food processing sand- and activated carbon filtration is not enough. With the conventional filter, suspended matters are only filtered out up to a size of 5 microns. (For comparison, a human hair has a diameter of 40 microns). 
The micron filter system is a capillary-membrane filter; it filters out suspended matters up to a size of 0.01 micron. This filter has a flow rate up to 1,000 liters per hour and is equipped with an automatic backwash system. The device is made of stainless steel. 





For high lime content a special filtering is recommended. To round off our range of water treatment components, we also offer the decalcification of drinking water or well water on the basis of Resin - Granulate. This makes it possible to reduce the hardness of the water hardness to 5-7. (Soft water)







For lower lime content we offer a special modifier. This device influences the dissolved salts in the water physically. The water is not affected chemically, the water quality is maintained. Already existing lime deposits in pipes can be slowly dissolved.




We specify all water treatment systems to meet your requirements.