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Ponds & Aquariums

Fish ponds

The most important thing for a fish pond owner is its fish population.

Regardless of whether you dedicate yourself to a loving care of rare fish species, or breeding them for professional reasons, the concern about a healthy fish stock has always the highest priority. The quality of water can contribute significantly to the health of the fish.

The contamination by algae (phototropic micro-organisms, typical aquatic organisms in fresh and salt water) or the experience and the spread of bacteria are two undesirable conditions to be eliminated. 

If algae are to be destroyed or prevented from growing, a high dose of UVC, or a long irradiation is necessary. The installation of a closed circuit system, in which the water of the UVC - source is suspended several times a day, will help. This method also eliminates bacteria, which mainly results in fish diseases and fish kills.  

In practice, we found that a 5W UV-lamp combined with a filter is enough to keep the water of 4-5m³ clear. With very low operating costs, this can significantly increase the quality of the water and ensure the minimization of risks of a disease transmission.  

Aquariums (freshwater or saltwater)   

Even in these two aquarium types following drawbacks appear again and again:

• Seaweed
• Parasites

Warm water offers excellent conditions for the growth of microorganisms. In addition, also the aquarium lights encourage an algae growth.  

There are very good reasons to use UV in the aquarium:

-occurring fish diseases, -newly purchased fish, which must be immediately put in the aquarium without quarantine, -or sudden strong floating algae and bacterial invasion. In all these cases, UV-lamps, if they are properly sized, provide excellent services. Multiplication of micro-organisms can not take place, within a very short time the aquarium will be free of parasites, and the recovery of affected fish begins immediately. 


We offer to have a look at your pond or aquarium and prepare a solution / proposal.