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For the benefit of the guests.

The consumption of drinking water in hotels and resorts is not an insignificant expense. Many tourists are accustomed to take it directly out of the water pipe.

Falling ill during holidays is particularly unpleasant and often leaves a bad memory of the entire holiday. These guests will rarely visit you a second time. A completely satisfied customer will book your hotel or resort again next year and also happily recommend your premises to others.

You can ensure that your guests feel at home!

Reprocessing of the available water has the following advantages.

You will safe the costs for procurement, storage and refilling of the refrigerators in every room and the disposing of packaging. 

The safe use of water, whether for drinking or daily hygiene, can be an advantage in the hotel selection of the guests. Advertise with the benefit you provide to your guests.  

Drinking water, healthy water for dental hygiene, showering or making coffee!

The cost for the production of drinking water / healthy water depends on the quality of your water. Only a water test provides exact information of what needs to be done and at what cost.

Especially in a hotel and/or resort this investment can be recouped in a very short time.