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House & Pool

House: Drinking Water / Hygiene

Drinking water in Thailand is due to biological and bacterial contamination in short supply. Since each house is supplied by different water companies, only a water test can show the necessary measures for a drinking water production. Also health reasons might call for water treatment. And honestly, would you like to carry all the water in bottles for a 4-5 person family? Who would not want to give up this unpleasant burden? For drinking water from its own pipeline other reasons speak as well, such as bacteria-free water to boil (coffee or meals), for your daily hygiene, like dental hygiene and showering, or for washing your clothes.

In particular, allergic persons (skin diseases caused by water) can be helped through modern water treatment plants. 

The initial cost will pay of quickly if you take into account the ongoing costs of access to drinking water and health issues. You save the most from not falling ill, and not only the cost of medicines and treatments are important. In particular, the quality of life gained, should be considered. After all, who wants to be sick?
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Many swimmers complain about the changing taste and the smell of chemically treated pool water. In the chlorination process by-products such as chloramines and trihalogenemethanes arise – in this context a carcinogenic effect has been detected.
Chloramines also accelerate aging of materials in and around the swimming pool. In private swimming pools a water treatment works with UV disinfection, under favorable conditions almost without addition of chemical agents. "Red Eye" and the typical swimming pool smell, caused by chloramines, are avoided by the UV method. This process inactivates the microorganisms in the water, without chemicals and without change of the water characteristics. There can be no harmful reaction products.

Another advantage is the further usability of the backwash water in horticulture. 
All water treatment systems can also be installed with an operating hours-, and / or UVC - intensity monitoring device.

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