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Healthy Drinking Water


Water is the origin of life. In all metabolic processes in the body water is significantly involved. The human body consists of 70% water.

Because of its special chemical and physical properties, water plays a crucial role in all our surrounding science, technology and applications.

A reliable and hygienic water supply is essential to health. Drinking water must meet drinking water regulations with the following requirements.

It should be:

  • free of pathogens
  • tasteless
  • colorless and odorless
  • not harmful
  • have a content of dissolved mineral substances in predetermined concentrations

Drinking water is the term for water for human consumption. Drinking water is the most important food (raw material), and cannot be replaced by anything.




Water supply and drinking water in Thailand.

Drinking water in Thailand is due to biological and bacterial contamination in short supply. Since each house is supplied by different water utilities, only a water test can provide information on the necessary measures for a drinking water production. In addition also health reason might suggest a proper water treatment.  

For the supply of drinking water from its own pipeline other reasons such as bacteria-free water to boil (coffee or meals), daily hygiene like brushing teeth and showering, or cleaning your clothes may apply.   

In particular, allergic (skin diseases caused by water) can be helped through modern water treatment plants.

The initial cost will pay of quickly if you take into account the ongoing costs of access to drinking water and health issues. You save the most from not falling ill, and not only the cost of medicines and treatments are important. In particular, the quality of life gained, should be considered. After all, who wants to be sick?  

Did we interest you?
We advise you non-binding and without any costs!

Have your water tested. The laboratory gives you information with what kind of water you get in daily contact. Accordingly, we can work with you on a solution, so that in the future you have clean and potable water. The analysis below shows that you will have, because of our systems, drinking water throughout the house.  

Only a water analysis provides information about it!




   Results of water analysis

   The water, processed through our system, tested high quality pure drinking water.
   All values were well below legal limits..